Michigan Scots Gathering

Here are some pictures from the Michigan Scots Gathering on Saturday, October 16, 1999. This was my first experience with a Collector's Gathering, and it was very fun! There was a Scottie Costume Contest, best-dressed live or stuffed Scottish Terrier won. Well, they ALL won. The prize was a huge bag of COOKIES!!! Midget is in heaven today!

I bought a few goodies -- a little Christmas Tree, decorated all in tiny little scotties and bones (see pictures 14 and 15 - you can't see the detail, sorry!). Four scarves/bandanas for Midget. An ornament or two.

The meal was fantastic! Roast pork, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, green beans, sauerkraut/cabbage, salad, cream of ham and vegetable (potato, broccoli, celery, carrot) soup, and pies! Lots of them! And we got to keep our salad plates and soup mugs. They were tempered glass(?) with a scottie etched on them. And there were clay scottie magnets as "favors". Verra cute!

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  1) Midget makes a friend her size (12 week old puppy!). He wants to take her away, grabs her leash.
2) Midget in her kitty costume. She looked more like the Flying Nun to me! (And a very unhappy one, at that!)
3) Other Scotties in costume. (The one in the Hula Skirt was stuffed!)
4) Elvis!!!!
5) What we all came for -- stuff to buy! This one was an Ice Chest and Glasses Set.

  6) Costume jewelry and some shirts, misc.
7) Figurines and a cookie jar.
8) "Boyds", figurine, scottie ceramic boxes, hand-made cards.
9) Figurines, advertisements, playing cards.
10) Figurines, magnets, misc.

  11) Figurines, glasses, ads, stuffed scotties.
12) Figurines, shirts.
13) Figurines, lamps, book-ends, misc.
14) Scottie bandanas, ornaments, mini-Christmas Trees. This lady could sew and was "crafty" as could be!
15) Ornaments, trees, samplers, misc. She was very talented!